Energy Management Solutions and Training

“Braaksma Engineering has continuously met the rigorous requirements of refinery and utility work. Our culture is that of long-term relationships and the majority of our work is for repeat customers.”

-Gary Braaksma

Electrical Power is the backbone of Industry and Commerce. In addition to safety, optimized electrical power can affect productivity and costs. Braaksma Engineering supplies the ‘expertise on loan’ to give your facility and projects the insider advantage.

  • Electrical Design. Braaksma Engineering designs include consideration of long term usage. Our designs are developed with customer input, independent of the pressures of competitive bids or sales quotas.
  • Reduced Risk by incorporating the project methods utilized within Utility, Industrial Plant and Commercial Building industries.
  • Power Quality and Reliability. Standby generators, alternate sources, uninterruptible power supplies and special distribution system configurations planned to maximize the desired effect with minimum impact.
  • Permitting, Code Compliance and Utility Tariff Interpretation. Solutions, authority inquiries and negotiations from a customer perspective.
  • Project Management and Assistance. Scheduling and contractor performance verification and interface.
  • System Protection. Coordination and fault current studies with a focus on maintained productions.
  • Arc Flash Studies that include recommendations for reducing exposure to workable levels, label installation and training to result in a complete arc flash safety program. Accredited (CEU) Arc Flash Safety Class taught with the perspective of programs in place.
  • Trouble Shooting to determine electrical challenges, with results delivered in reports that speak in customer terms.

At Braaksma Engineering we embrace the culture of building long term relationships.