Industrial Projects

Arc Flash Analysis
Refinery Arc Flash Exposure Calculations. Thirty Nine medium voltage substations modeled. Work completed includes data gathering, calculations, printing and installation of warning labels. Work completed includes protective device coordination recommendations to favor operations while reducing arc flash exposure. Recommendations, training, labeling and detailed reports provided.
Tanker Ship Arc Flash Exposure Calculations. Analysis completed on 5 hulls. Work completed includes data gathering, calculations, printing and installation of warning labels. Work completed includes protective device coordination recommendations to favor operations while reducing arc flash exposure. Recommendations, labeling and detailed reports provided.Polar Tanker


System Protection
Development of standardized settings and selective coordination for Refinery 13.8kV, 2300V and 480V systems. Work includes fuse, breaker and protective relay coordination to result in standardized and repeatable performance, simplified fuse stocking throughout the facility.

Switchgear Replacement
Refinery main substation 13.8kV switchgear replacement project including 20 section two-high metal clad gear, and 44 electronic relay installation. Work includes switchgear and relay specification, system protection strategy, wiring diagrams, project construction management and coordination of refinery operating requirements.

Outage Analysis and Operations Troubleshooting
Over 50 power distribution projects completed for Petroleum Refinery including technical analysis of 13.8kV distribution outages and substation protective device coordination.

Trouble shooting


Power Distribution
Technical Advisor for Major Petroleum Refinery power distribution and lighting in support of new central control room, including 13.8kV feeders, substation, emergency power site and building lighting.

Water district 700hp variable speed drive. Design included medium voltage to 480V step down drive isolation transformer, harmonics filter, variable frequency drive, motor, protective fusing and contactor ratings.

Sulphuric Acid Plant MCCs
Four separate projects to replace existing Chemical Plant Motor Control Centers (MCCs). Work includes design, planning and cost estimates for 480V MCCs, including tie switches, building expansion, etc.

Paper Mill Misc. Projects
Design and field support for eight turnaround projects including
• wastewater traveling screen and conveyors,
• new building fans,
• environmental compliance,
• power monitoring,
• medium voltage protective relaying (utility paralleling reverse current protection).

Projects include modified and new motor control centers, control system revisions, power distribution. Work included cost estimating, material procurement, design and drafting, construction overview and as-building. Work was completed within an estimated hourly engineering budget for each project; in support of a scheduled annual shutdown with short lead times and intensive scheduling requirements.


Pulp Mill Elemental Chlorine Free Project
Lighting, Power and Area Classification. Projects included lighting, backup lighting and hazardous area classification for pulp mill new bleaching process.

Photo courtesy of Georgia Pacific West

Sulphuric Acid Plant New Substation
Projects included four substations (12,470V -480V) including primary switching, transformers and low voltage (480V) switchgear. Work completed includes design, system protection coordination, product selection and construction supervision.

Refinery 3500hp Compressor Motor
Trouble-shoot existing motor control circuits, including ancillary services. Review and report on existing control system for large compressor motor. Recommendations successfully eliminated nuisance tripping of the machine.

Electrical Standard Details
Subcontract work includes installation detail review and revisions, 97 A size details, for code compliance, consistency with industry standards.

Refinery 2250hp Motor
Overload operation evaluation.

Chemical Plant Turnaround support
Work includes crane supervision, bidding and connection design for seven temporary generators, general turnaround support.

Electricity Forum
Braaksma Engineering sponsored a one day Forum for plant operating staff to discuss solutions for Arc Flash Protection Compliance. Attendees included operating staff from four refineries, three pulp and paper mills, a chemical plant, 140MVA cogeneration facility and large aircraft manufacturer. Format included much attendee participation and this event may be repeated as need is expressed.

Previous Individual Experience includes 8 years work completed in the employ of large and medium sized engineering companies, mostly supporting oil refineries in capital expansion projects. Project work completed includes crude and catalytic unit debottlenecking, flare upgrades, sample houses, new effluent plant, heat tracing, lighting and power distribution including substations. Projects supported range in size from small up to $150M t.i.c.