Utility Projects

Substation Construction
Project manager for substation upgrade including two new 115kV-13.8kV, 28 MVA transformers (71MVA total), medium voltage switchgear (10 PCB’s plus 3 spaces) Transformer and switchgear specifications, bidding and evaluation, construction management. System protection and interim fault current calculations. Design completed for retro-fit of existing transformer for air terminal chamber and LTC controller to allowing parallel operation of non matched transformers.

PUD air terminal Switchgear Replacement
Construction drawings, project management, equipment and construction specification for 13.8kV cogeneration plant switchgear replacement. Alternative options, budgets were presented. Custom physical configuration to achieve capacity was verified. Project (including procurement) successfully completed within 6 months.
Sumas Cogen SWGR

Substation Series Reactor
System protection study, equipment specification, construction drawings and project manager for 13.8kV 2000A outdoor, air core, fault current limiting reactor.

Sumas Cogen Reactor

Express Feeder
Project Manager for 12.5kV five mile long overhead and underground feeder project. Construction bid evaluation, monitoring, interface with authorities, permit compliance, design change recommendations.

Blaine Feeder

Capacitor Bank Controls
Control wiring and distribution retrofit design for automatic (3 stage) 13.8kV capacitor bank, including vacuum switch installation.

PUD capacitor bank

Substation Maintenance
Substation Equipment inventory and maintenance plan and schedule, including sourcing of service providers.

Substation SCADA Upgrade
Scope and terms negotiation.

Power Quality Monitor
Substation power-quality monitor diagnosis.

5000A 13.8KV bus analysis
Inspection, analysis, load carrying evaluation, and recommendations for 110MW co-gen site output bus.

Sumas Cogen SWGR (2)


115kV Transmission Line
Tree trim project specification, advertisement, award and manage.

Overhead and Underground Distribution
Many projects completed for distribution, feeder, single phase and three phase, underground and overhead power lines. Familiar with utility construction standards, equipment specifications and construction techniques. Work completed with permitting agencies, archeologists and environmental agencies. Extensive utility operating experience tempers all construction designs completed by Braaksma Engineering.

Sumas Service Entrance


Utility Service Boundary Adjustment
Technical Advisor and cost estimates for utility service boundary adjustment (between investor owned and public utility).
Solar Farm preliminary engineering
Cost estimates, site and operational evaluation of 10MVA solar farm cogeneration inter-tie connection options.

Cogeneration Inter-tie evaluation
Cost estimates and operational evaluation of 70MVA gas generator cogeneration inter-tie connection options.

Service Tariff
Technical Advisor and Tariff negotiations for co-gen site.

Power Quality and Reliability
Technical Advisor for Public Utility Power Quality and Reliability pilot program. Work included developing program to meet with Utility selected customers, evaluating options, developing cost estimates and making recommendations. Given procedures and recommendations were adopted by the Utility.

Previous Individual Experience:
8 years experience major utility distribution engineer. Work completed for neighborhoods in four jurisdictions, with differing construction standards.

Extensive distribution design, regulator placements, voltage-drop calculations, and construction supervision.

Performed load and growth study on a region including two towns and encompassing four substations (20 MW each). Made economic appraisals and recommended four levels of construction based on growth contingencies.

Orriville cogen

PUD swgr